LA Crawfish Shack opened its first location in 2010 at the corner of Gessner and Harwin. After a slow start, word eventually got out that Houston had a hot new spot for crawfish and pretty soon our popular flavor became known from Houston to Louisiana. In 2019, we opened a second location at 2020 Highway 6. We are one of the only crawfish places in Houston to serve crawfish year round. During the season we sell fresh boiled crawfish and we freeze some of the large ones to sell during the off season. With our proprietary preparation technique, we are able to keep the off season crawfish juicy and flavorful, unlike any other frozen crawfish. In fact, some customers ask for frozen over fresh, because it's cheaper and tastes just about as good. We serve gumbos, salads, fried foods, grilled fillets, red beans & rice, and much much more. We encourage you to check out our menu and get to know some of the best food in SW Houston.